• Business

    Electrical Control System

    Electrical Control System

    • PLC System
    • Motor & Drive System
    • HMI System
    • Process Engineering
      and Equipment Supply
    • Electric Control System

    Electric Control System
    PLC System

    • PLC Control System Panel design production
    • Many PLC Software professionals
    • Advanced, precision, high speed process control
    • Major Company Supply Performance

    Electric Control System
    Motor & Drive System

    • Design / Fabrication / Commissioning / Maintenance / Supervising
    • Application of control technology in connection with process
    • Supply Turn Key Base Control System
    • Possesses a lot of supply such as POSCO
    • AC Vector / VVVF / AC Servo / DC Drive
    • AC / DC / Servo Motor

    Electric Control System
    High pressure

    • Compact Size
    • 6.6KV, 4.16KV, 3.3KV

    Electric Control System
    HMI System

    • Test driving and operation information system
    • Quality analysis and management system
    • Power SCADA System
    • Real Time & Historical Trend
    • Report Recipe System
    • Other systems can be implemented
    • Securing supply performance such as POSCO

    Electric Control System
    Application field

    Electric Control System
    Process Engineering and Equipment Supply

    • Steel Plant: Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled and Surface Treatment Process
    • Film Plant: Coating Line, Slitter Line, Surface Treatment Line
    • Gypsum Board Plant: Plasticity, Mixer, Wet-End, Dry-End,
      Other Product Processing Process
    • Logistics Processing Facility: Logistics Control System, Crane, AGV
    • Automatic Coater (Gap, Nip Pressure Control)
    • Automatic Side Trimmer (Gap, Lap Control System)
    • Shear Control (Flying Shear, Rotary Shear, Up/Cut Shear)
    • Hydraulic Control System (Push Up, AGC System)
    • Printer control system (Servo Motor applied)
    • Securing supply performance such as POSCO

    Electric Control System
    Electric work design and electric work

    • Electric work license
    • Electrical construction design
    • Electric work