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    CEO Message

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    Core Systems is a specialized supplier of automation equipment, including automation machinery, automation electrical equipment, and robot control equipment. Since its founding in January 1999, we have been supplying automation facilities to various industrial plants, including steel manufacturing facilities, FILM chemical material equipment, and gypsum board equipment.

    Core System is a company that can supply customized automation equipment that is perfectly suited to your company based on years of accumulated technology and performance. We supply integrated control equipment for the MEIC (M: Machinery, E: Electrical, I: Instrument, C: Computer) field to proactively and proactively respond to the changes of 'Smart Manufacturing Innovation'. In this era of global competition, we are striving to develop Korea's manufacturing competitiveness, the world's leading manufacturing powerhouse.

    Core System employees are doing their best even today with the spirit of being with customers.

    Thank you.