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    Robot Control System

    Robot Control System

    Robot Control System
    Robot Control Equipment Supply

    • We supply robot automation equipment, which is an essential element of unmanned and automated facilities for autonomous production plants. Robot control equipment that works on behalf of humans requires comprehensive engineering technology that combines measurement technology, control technology, and mechanical technology. We aim to build an autonomous production plant that respects humanity by improving labor quality through active control robots through a seamless interface between humans and robots.

    Robot Control System
    Robot Control Facility Features

    Excellent scalability

    • When controlling the robot, design the system by using the external controller (PLC or Embedded PLC) to distinguish each role and use the external controller to calculate the compensation value of the target position by using the external controller. Send absolute coordinates to the robot.
    • Easy to expand with measuring devices such as vision systems, 2D scanners, 3D scanners and torque sensors.
    • Consists of sensors for various types of physical interfaces such as voltage and current.
    • Leverage communication to interface with devices with vast amounts of data and various protocols.

    Object-Oriented Modular Design

    • By using the uploaded module information, the data collected by HMI SCADA system can be searched for the history of trouble.
    • Advantages of excellent recyclability-PLC program can be recycled, and only the basic operation of robot is used, so it is not limited to a specific model and can be designed to achieve the best performance by combining various PLCs, robots and sensors in various process lines.

    Robot Control Facility Diagram